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Sweet Piper™
Yellow Apple
Yellow Flowers

Fruity, Floral & Sweet

Complex aromas of ripe, smokey yellow apple, yellow flowers, mushroom, dried apricot, honey & gingerbread.

Flavors of both sweet & tart citrus, honey & stoney minerality.

Sweetness balanced with lively acidity, with a fuller body, higher alcohol & unique palate-coating smooth texture.


Often from...

Alsace-France (Labeled Pinot Gris)

Dessert-level sweet versions are labeled Vendange Tardive & Selection de Grains Nobles


Simliar style wines...

Semi-sweet Dr. Ries style Riesling

Fruity Chanelle style Chenin Blanc

Spicy Gerti style Gewürtraimer

Big Lina style Grüner Veltliner