Asti Spumante (Italy)

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Asti Spumonte;
White Flowers
Yellow Apple
Yellow Bubbles

Aromatic, Fruity & Slightly Sweet Sparkler

Straw yellow to pale golden yellow. Slightly-Sweet to sweet, moderately bubbly (spumante style) dessert wine ("spuma" means "foam" in Italian).

Pronounced aromas of honeysuckle, vanilla bean & orange blossom. Delicate flavors of Asian pear, nectarine, peach, meyer lemon & grapefruit.

Made with Moscato Bianco (white Moscato) grapes.

Easy drinking with persisent bubbles & lower alcohol level than most sparklers (5%-7% ABV).

Moscato d’Asti is a close cousin with fewer bubbles (frizzante style) & even lower alcohol level (5% ABV max.).

Serve cold. Pairs well with sweet desserts & white chocolate. Perfect with apple tarts & cream, strawberries or sweet peach pie. A great summertime drink.

Comes from...

NW Italy with best labelled Moscato d’Asti DOCG